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High Capacity. Protected. MPLS Fiber Connectivity.

Fiber Connectivity for Wireless backaul, Healthcare, Manufacturing , and any industry in-between.


Fiber Minnesota is how Minnesota connects. Securely.

Whether you've got 100 locations or 2, you'll have the capacity to transfer any and all the data you need to ensure your team never has to struggle.

The Fiber Minnesota fiber-based Ethernet / MPLS network is ready to connect your networks, regardless of your current transport method.

Hundreds of businesses, including some of the biggest in the world, trust Fiber Minnesota to keep their businesses connected with redundant ingress and egress - regardless of how remote some locations might be.

Have locations in multiple states? No problem. Through our Indatel partners, we can connect to virtually any fiber location in the U.S.

Services: Services

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) service in Minnesota 

MPLS connections provide the following benefits

  • QoS  - Quality of service provides priority for your voice traffic over your Internet and/or video traffic

  • Redundant geographic routes with automatic fail-over

  • Easily connect a few or many office locations, whether they are all on the Fiber Minnesota Network, or not

  • Easy to upgrade and expand as your business grows

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