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Redundant Long-Haul Connection Locations

Fiber Minnesota connects through the nation's largest long-haul carriers

Have locations throughout the country? No worries.

Fiber Minnesota connects to Tier 1 carriers, as well as the largest long-haul providers in the country at 511 in Minneapolis, Ridgeview in Minnetonka, 702 Communications in Fargo, Indigo in Rochester, and Citon in Duluth. Direct connections to DCN, WIN, Aureon, and SDN are available.

Additionally, connectivity to Canada through Winnipeg is available.

ISPs use Fiber Minnesota's wholesale network to connect to MICE (Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange) to share traffic with some of the largest content providers in the world, including Akamai, Netflix, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and nearly one hundred other ISPs and carriers.

Learn more about MICE (Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange) here.

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